Sunday, 23 December 2018

My experience: ISCON Thali in Ahmedabad

 Gujarati food has immense variety in it. There are so many options for breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner. Gujarat is also famous for the Thali restaurants. These restaurants serve only thali or platter meals & no Ala-carte is available there. These thalis are not the typical fixed meal meal pack, as available in many food joints in North India. But, thalis in Gujarat means one can eat as much as they want.

I had been to many Thali restaurants in Ahmedabad. Recently, I visited ISCON Thal, which is situated at a busy intersection at SG road. The restaurant is on the second floor of building. 

As we reached there, we were greeted by restaurant manager. He took us to our table. 

A big thali, with many bowls, was placed in front of us. The serving started with 2 type of chatnis - the mint chatni & the sweet tamarind chatni. It was followed with little salad & papad. Meanwhile, they also served a welcome drink which was made of strawberry & sparkling water. While we were sipping this tasty drink, the staff kept on serving all other dishes. 

No Gujarati thali can start without a starter or Farsan. Today, we were served with dhokla & bread pakoda as farsan. They also served Daal & Kadhi, for which the options were of normal kadhi or sweet Gujarati kadhi. We preferred normal kadhi. Dhokla with kadhi was a great starter.

They served 4 curries : Potato curry, beans curry, moong curry & mix veg curry. All of them were very tasty. The bread options had Paneer ka Cheela, Chapati, Poori, millet bread & bakhri. We tried all of them but millet bread (Bajre ki roti) stole the show. Crispy & hot breads were served with Ghee (clarified butter) on it.

While we were enjoying our meal, restaurant staff was always around us & offering the refill. They also served rice & khichadi. A glass of butter milk was also served.  In desserts, they served hot crispy Jalebi & Doodh Pakwan. Both were extremely tasty. It was evident that we over ate. The meal was finished with a Pan (Beetle leaf).


Food was extremely tasty. Despite of so many options in Thali, none of them was of low quality then other. The food was served hot & fresh. 


The services of staff was amazing. They ensured to refill the dishes promptly. The floor manager was continuously visiting all the occupied tables & himself ensured the efficient services. 


The complete meal costed Rs. 299, including of taxes. For a hearty meal of more than 20 dishes, at an AC restaurant, the Thali cost was value for money.

Overall, the restaurant is highly recommended.

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